Amazing lessons create amazing learners

Our mission is to help teachers design learning experiences that spark creativity and engage students without taking all your free time. So, we created SmartPlanner™ for teachers.

What is SmartPlanner

SmartPlanner™ is an online lesson planner with everything teachers need to plan amazing lessons for their students.


Create activities kids love ..It’s amazing!

Quick and Easy

Plan at lightning speed. (Maybe faster.)  

Follow Standards

Align lessons to standards.. Really!


Feel happy, happy, happy!  

Unique Plans

Quickly differentiate .. Empower all students


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How It Works

Teachers won’t believe they’ve planned thoughtful lessons so fast!

Step 1

Choose Learning Target

Simply click to choose learning targets for your students. Now, the magic! The system automatically populates:

  • Summary of core ideas
  • Standards connected to learning targets
  • Essential questions specific to the content
  • Academic vocabulary

Step 2

Customize Lesson Plan

Plan the lesson sequence with a few clicks. More Magic! With just a few clicks, the teacher has created a lesson plan that includes:

  • Learning targets for student focus
  • Standards alignment
  • Essential questions specific to content
  • Academic vocabulary


Step 3

Save and Download

Save your plans in a web-based personal library to edit any time from anywhere.

  • Download a PDF to share.
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Additional Resources

PDFs for free download

Thumbnail library to video podcasts via YouTube

Meet The Team

We are group of teachers with the passion to better our students. We believe this is done through a solid course plan.



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