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What is SmartPlanner

SmartPlanner is an online lesson planner with everything teachers need to plan amazing lessons. (Coming Soon)



After the learning targets are selected, the magic begins! The SmartPlanner™ automatically populates the entire lesson framework, including a summary and aligning the learning targets to the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.

  • Learning targets
  • Standards automatically align
  • Essential questions and vocabulary automatically populate



The lesson sequence is customized to meet student needs, including Bloom’s Taxonomy and Webb’s Depth of Knowledge, how students will learn, and modifications for diverse learners.

  • Student thinking using Bloom’s Taxonomy and Webb’s Depth of Knowledge
  • Lesson delivery
  • Mode of learning
  • Modifications




All lesson plans are saved in our web-based personal library and can be edited anytime, from anywhere. Lesson plans can be downloaded as a PDF to share.

  • Web-based personal library
  • Edit anytime, anywhere
  • Download as a PDF
Create activities kids love. It’s amazing!
Plan at lightning speed. Even faster!
Align lessons to standards. Really!
Feel happy, happy, happy!  
Differentiate to empower all students. Quickly!
Plan in a few minutes. Finished!


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It's All About the Love

In It’s All About the Love, Jennifer shares a lovely gift from a student. The trio discuss why it’s important to create trusting relationships with students and how to build that trust. A tried and true strategy, Think-Pair-Share is highlighted.

Adding Value to Your Lessons

We explore how to plan so students continuously practice communicating, critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity. The goal is to help students learn skills they will be able to do forever. Clay modeling is the highlighted strategy.

Get a Grip on Small Groups

Learn about the importance of small group instruction and how to use small groups to target skills and personalize learning.

Communication: It's a 2 Part Process (Student Talk)

Communication requires skills for speaking and listening. In this episode, we discuss strategies for how to teach students speaking and listening skills for all content areas.

How it Works

Teachers won’t believe they’ve planned thoughtful lessons so fast!

We are Teachers, too!

We know amazing learning stems from amazing lessons. But, it takes a long time to write great lessons. So, we created SmartPlanner™ a web-based lesson planning app that provides an intelligent framework for teachers to design beautiful lessons and reduce planning time from hours to minutes. Really! SmartPlanner™ suggests content to help create learning opportunities that spark creativity and higher-level thinking for students.







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